RH 440 LD/LG


RH 440 LD/LG

Eco Line RH 440 LD/LG
Capacity (litre class) 40
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) 554x401x446/554x401x456
Energy Consumption (kWh/24h)
EN 15502; Following EU Directives 643/2009 and 1060/2010
Energy Efficienly Index (EEI) F
Noise Level 0 dB
Cabinet Built-in/anthracite metal cabinet
Door Metal door with integrated handle/Glass door with integrated handle
Options Lock
Sliding hinge (LD version)
Black frame (Glass door)
Silver frame (Glass door)
Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change serving the technical improvement.
How to provide proper ventilation

Correct ventilation is essential to ensure optimum performance, low energy consumption and a long life.
Built-in miniBars need at least 200 cm2 free air inlet and an air outlet of the same size. Moreover, there should be about 20 mm clearance between the rear of the cabinet and the furniture wall.
An air grille integrated in the furniture door ensure sufficient ventilation. The miniBar and furniture door can be connected via a sliding hinge which opens the furniture and miniBar door simultaneously. Proper ventilation can be accomplished even in furniture that reaches higher up. Here again, the air needs to flow freely around the cooling unit and exit unhindered at the top.

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